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Night Rating

The Night rating enables a pilot to fly in official night conditions (30 minutes after sunset) and the satisfaction of watching sunsets from the skies.

To gain a night rating you must have completed training for a PPL, this can then be added onto your license or as part of your PPL application.

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If you endeavor to pursue a career in commercial aviation having a night rating is a prerequisite for the CPL course.

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The Night rating course is a minimum of five hours which requires at least three hours of dual instruction, five solo take offs and five solo full stop landings. Of the three hours dual instruction this will include a one hour cross country navigation flight of at least 50km (27 nm). There are no exams and there is no flight test involved with the Night rating.

Night rating training is available during winter months at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport.

The course hours are broken down into sections you will work through with your instructor:





Dual Navigation

Dual Circuits

Solo Circuits








Please note that these are guidelines only, course duration depends on pilots’ aptitude, learning capability and frequency of lessons. Contact Us today for more information!

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